"But there is another thing at work here. If Christ is in us, and if Christ is present in the others that we meet, acknowledged or not, then there are no moments in which Christ is not present. And there are no moments in our lives in which a posture of humility is not called for, no moments when welcome should not be the first thing on our minds, no moments in which we cannot see the face of Jesus. There may just be moments when we do not recognize him.

"Christ is the old person next door, the one who fell on her steps in the dark and needs a meal every evening for the next month and has no family to prepare it for her.

"He can be found in the face of the sixteen-year-old who lives up the street, the one whose father is a crack dealer.

"Christ is there in the tentative steps taken by that college student over there, the young girl who cannot find a friend.

"He is there in the joy of the young couple down the street who are out every afternoon with their newborn in a stroller, just hoping that you will stop them and share in their joy.

"One does not have to go far to find Jesus. What one has to do is to adopt a posture that allows one to see him."