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When No One Understands Wise counsel dispensed by a family therapist to a troubled 16-year-old d girl through 20 letters.
Human Mind/Animal Mind Presents the findings of his research on the inexplicable behavior of domesticated animals.
Cybergrrl Covering information useful for both your personal and professional lives.
Conscious Evolution Presents a spirit-motivated plan of action for the twenty-first century.
Safeguarding the Heart Delivers what it promises with integrity.
Medicine for the Earth A presentation of shamanism as an approach that can help us live in harmony with nature.
Another Country Provides a great moral service to us with her ideas on reconnecting the generations so that each can be enriched.
Ecology and the Jewish Spirit Lifts up and accentuates the connections between nature and the sacred in Jewish thought.
The Luminous Web Affirms the connections between the visible and invisible realms.
Buddhism Six lectures by the legendary seeker on the spread of Buddhist thought.