"1. The Spirit breathes life into the universe and all its creatures. The story of the Spirit begins not with Pentecost but with the origins of the Big Bang.

"2. The Creator Spirit enfolds human beings in grace. Human beings emerge into a grace-filled universe.

"3. The Spirit of God brings about the Christ event, sanctifying and transforming the humanity of Jesus that he might be the Wisdom of God.
"4. The Spirit is poured out on the church. Word and Spirit constitute the church.

"5. The Spirit is the midwife to the birth of the new as creation groans 'in labor pains' (Romans 8:22)

"6. The Spirit is the faithful Companion to each creature, accompanying each with love.

"7. The Spirit 'makes space' within the trinitarian relations for the emergence of a universe in which entities are constituted by relationships.

"8. The Creator Spirit is the closeness of God in the otherness of non-human creation.

"9. The Spirit remains wild and uncontrollable, the wind that 'blows where it chooses.' (John 3:8)

"10. The Spirit of God and the Word of God can be thought of as reciprocally related not only at every stage of the economy of salvation but also in the eternal life of God.

"11. The Spirit is not less than humanly personal but infinitely more, a personal other, someone who draws us into love."