In this inspiring and illuminating book, Denis Edwards, who teaches theology at Flinders University School of Theology in Adelaide, South Australia, spins out a bold and visionary overview of the Creator Spirit. The Breath of God was present at the origin of the universe 14 billion years ago and continues to bring new life into being in us and in all creatures. Edwards pays tribute to Basil of Caesarea, who in the fourth century emphasized seeing the Spirit as the bringer of communion. Today this emphasis is sorely needed to heal the separations between humans and the natural world.

Edwards salutes the insights of panentheism and affirms that a theology of Spirit combined with a Wisdom Christology opens the door for Christians to have a more meaningful dialogue with other religions. The author sees the Spirit's activity in movements that promote the justice and welfare of the poor, women, and the good Earth. Best of all, Edwards emphasizes the inner relationship between the anointing of Jesus and the Spirit's work in us by grace. In experiences of personal renewal, we sense the closeness of God and the movement of God leading us into the future. Edwards ably conveys the mystery of the Holy One who blows in the wind and is the Source of all spiritual transformation.