"As citizens in a new age of mass communication, we are constantly subjected to the sonic abuse of the world's discordant noises. Unable to reside in a natural setting, many of us endure an around-the-clock assault upon the senses. Grinding gears, screeching breaks, blaring sirens, ringing cell phones and other modern trappings gradually weaken our bodies and minds. What's more, popular culture's idea of music often reflects the unconscious echo of the disruptive mechanisms that surround us. As we embark upon a new century, raucous vibrations, distortions and shrieks all too often replace the melodies of music.

"In addition to this barrage of noise, even the spoken word is no longer sacred; more often it is used to achieve negative ends. To what extent can the cumulative effect of these noises and statements, often saturated by nihilism and negativity, devastate the inner sanctuary of our being? How many illnesses, disorders, maladjustments and suicides do these sounds provide?

"Contemporary composers share the responsibility of developing a type of music that can help heal the wounds inflicted by noise pollution, which has become the plague of modern times. More than simply relaxing music, new musical creations should compose sounds of transformation. Transforming anxiety into tranquility, fear and anguish into bounty and trust, ignorance into consciousness, pain into serenity — this should be the fundamental intention behind these creations. The source of inspiration and choice of sounds should fill listeners with a sense of completeness. This feeling is not imposed from the outside, but arises from a source within, an ever-present eternal energy, available to us all whenever we choose to turn within and connect to it, as the music of transformation helps us to do.

"Furthermore, the energies of this type of music can carry attentive listeners to a supernatural atmosphere, which is peaceful, happy, and anointed with the balm of unconditional love. This dimension, while unperceivable to the eye and ear, is accessible through contemplation of sacred texts and through intuition or transpersonal experience.

"Here, everything is possible: everyday stress disappears, worries and tensions evaporate and you as a listener penetrate into the sphere of your own serenity. In that sphere, all your senses are captivated by a unique pleasure that is actually coming from within you. At this point, the keys of the universe are in your hands. You need only leave the doors of your heart and mind wide open for harmony to offer you the opportunity to rediscover your natural state, allowing you to return to who you really are."