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Stretching Lessons A touch of humor about needing to struggle to find ease.
Don't Say Anything Negative Becoming a peacemaker.
Kerry Walters in Jacob's Hip Our dread of insecurity
Breathe Shalom A practice for when horror takes our breath away, breathing "shalom" for those who can't, those who won't, and those too afraid to even try.
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in The New Meditation Handbook Method for acquainting our mind with virtue
Total Repose Becoming aware of unnoticed tension in the body.
God Is Subversive Lee Griffith on advocates of nonviolence refusing to use other people as a means to an end.
Let Others Go Give others freedom and you give it to yourself
Swami Ashokananda in Shafts of Light One who is calm; work conflict;
Preparation for Sleep Purifying our hearts at bedtime.