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The Anger Diet A thoughtful and practical resource on dealing with anger in your life.
Stop the Next War Now An inspiring and thought-provoking collection of essays and other resources for those who are determined to create a more peaceful world.
The Unconquerable World Makes a good case against the use of force as a national policy for the United States.
Manneken Pis A quaint and entertaining tale of peacemaking based on a true story.
The Future of Peace Draws out our connections with all those who suffer while nurturing within us the spirit of nonviolence and compassionate action.
Working with Anger A rich arsenal of spiritual practices that can be used to deal with this pernicious emotion and transform it.
Passion for Peace Prophetic writings against war and violence and defending nonviolence as a Christian way of life.
Toxic Success Prescriptions for healing a malady common to many affluent Americans.
The Art of Peace A fresh interpretation of a Taoist classic.
Snow Falling on Snow Excerpts from five of his best-selling books.