"Focus on the movement of air over your body as you walk or even sit outside. Even on a still day, the air masses shift around you, touching your cheek, neck or leg in succession.

This is a very sensual practice. It feels like the earth is breathing over you. It's quite passive, like listening to sounds. You just wait for the next lick of air on your skin."

Going to the Bathroom

"As you approach the toilet, sigh in anticipation.

"Get out of your head and into your body. Feel the pressure in your bladder.

"As you urinate, close your eyes and sigh deeply.

"Feel all the muscles of your body loosening in sympathy.

"Don't hurry to finish. No one will disturb you.

"After the last drop, stay motionless for a few seconds more. Enjoy that space, with nothing to do.

"Walk away with a smile on your face."