"The thinking of the world is like a computer virus that has invaded our system. The Holy Spirit is like an antivirus program that both protects us from false thinking and dismantles false thought once they've entered our minds.

"It takes mental discipline to retrain our minds, yet such retraining is imperative if we really want our lives to change. With every inspirational reading, time taken to meditate, or act of forgiveness or charity or love, we are shrinking the influence of fear in our lives. We can't change other people's thinking, but in fact we don't need to because all minds are joined. All we have to do is to change our own thinking, and, as we do, the world will change with us.

"We're not separate from God; we just think we are. What God creates is one with Him forever, as an idea cannot leave its source. He is love, and He Is All That Is. Therefore, when we're not thinking with love, we're actually not thinking at all. We're hallucinating. And that's what the world is, in fact: a vast hallucination of the mortal mind.”