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Phillip Lund Biographical profile of the creator of the small group program plans based on the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.
Thy Kingdom Come A prayer for all tasks of each day.
Composing a Further Life A fresh and soulful examination of Adulthood II, a new stage of life preceding old age.
Ritual Floor-Washing Ridding a house of evil influences.
Joan Chittister in The Gift of Years The gift of these years is not merely being alive
Out With The Old Cleaning out the clutter.
Full Catastrophe Living Encouragement to live into the poignant enormity of our experiences.
A Breathing Room Create a place to practice breathing mindfully.
Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus A fine overview of the role of reiki healing touch within Christian communities.
Give Up Blame Allowing both parties to be right and wrong.