"Today I will allow all things to be as they are. I will judge nothing. I am willing for the weather to be whatever it is. I am content to take part in each encounter that is to come, experiencing without resistance the circumstances in which I am placed. I will let my friends act however they will. I will release my attention from censure to rest on this gentle moment. I will allow the members of my family to be what they are, without defining what they are. I will attempt to see my children as they are, without interpretations drawn from my experience and free of motivations I have attributed to them. I will not assign my partner's role or function or attitude toward me. I will not cherish a wish for a shift in personality or habits, nor will I try to push anyone in a particular direction by moderating my joy or withholding my normal responses. I will let all people be just as they are today. And within the stillness this brings, I will ask how the Divine is able to love each one, a love so intimate that we are transformed into the children of God.”