"This kind of silence — that deepest, innermost kind — reveals itself in so many ways. And each revelation carries within a potential moment of awakening, a further elaboration of the mystery calling us to be there in a fuller fashion. With each new revelation awakened and envisioned, we come to know ourselves better as we truly are and catch yet another glimpse of ourselves in relationship with God, as mystery reaches out to Mystery. The more often we can authentically enter this transformative silence, the better our chances to become who we were meant to be in God's presence. This silence is an awakening of our deepest yearnings and aspirations.

"In silence we commune with God's presence, the fullest manifestation of love in our experience; indeed, here is love itself. And the language of silence is a language of love because love is so near God's presence. In love the silence of God became the Word of God for humanity. The more we speak the language of love, the more consciously we embrace that Word. And love resonates clearly in that deep silence that gave it birth. Each of us first meets God in silence, but the word spoken at that meeting will be unique.”