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Slowing Time Barbara Mahany on the sanctity of silence in December.
Dakota A classic study by a poet plumbing the spiritual depths of her life and the spirituality of place.
Silent Compassion Richard Rohr on how the dualistic mind is constantly judging others and is at war with patience and humility.
Grace Notes Brian Doyle on the many different shades and meanings of silence.
The Five Keys to Mindful Communication Susan Gillis Chapman on how silence fine-tunes our ability to really listen.
Silence A rich and enlightening exploration of the breadth and depth of this spiritual practice.
Holy Silence An inspiring overview of the treasures of Quaker silence.
The Heart of Stillness Probes the inner work of purification, concentration, effort, and mastery.
Sabbath Probes the spiritual benefits of taking a Sabbath moment, a Sabbath hour, and a Sabbath day.
Silence, Simplicity and Solitude Excellent primer for spiritual seekers of all stripes.