"Many traditions attempt to assign specific attributes that are considered God-like in character. This also has a limited application. Most of the time we connect attributes that are 'good' in nature: loving, kind, compassionate, gentle, peaceful, caring and so forth. These, of course, are the characteristics of the way we would want God to be.

"However, there are many negative attributes that could also be associated with God, such as: jealousy, vengefulness, anger, sternness, ignorance, strictness, punishment, deception, and ambivalence. If we attempt to dissociate these negative attributes from God, then we are caught in the dilemma that there are parts of the universe where God does not exist — the 'bad' parts — and this leads to new levels of confusion, such as, 'We are good and on God's side, while they are bad and hated by God.' This is a terrible idea, and it continues to breed ignorance, pain, and suffering in our world."

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