Pikuah Nefesh
The Life Mitzvah
Acting to save a life. One who does is as one who saves the entire world.

Bal Tash - hit
The Environmental Mitzvah
Tolerating no wanton destruction of the planet.

Ayd Shaheyr
The Honest Witness Mitzvah
When you must say something, taking care to truthfully report what was said or done.

Lo Tikom
The Revenge Mitzvah
Dealing with anger and loss without multiplying wrongs or taking revenge.

Lo Teteyn Mikshol
The Stumbling Block Mitzvah
Being aware of how you can best set up environments and situations so others won't be ethically or physically tripped up.

Peah, leket, Shih'hah
The Sharing Mitzvah
Viewing the fruits of your efforts as a field and finding ways to leave some gleanings for those in need.

Shalom Bayit
The Peace Keeping Mitzvah
Performing conscious acts of self-restraint that may yield greater peace at home, work, and the world at large.

The Sacred Space Mitzvah
Marking the rooms of your home as sacred space for loving and listening.

Limmud Torah
The Torah Mitzvah
Engaging in regular Torah study as a prism for awareness and growth.

G' nivat Da' at
The Marketing Mitzvah
Exercising truth in promotional advertising or speech.

V'Hadarta p'nai Zaken
The Elder Mitzvah
Receiving elders with respectful attention to their experience and needs.

Dina d'Mal!luta Dina
The Citizenship Mitzvah
Participating in society through your voice, taxes, service, and vote.

Ahavat T zion
The Israel Mitzvah
Securing a defendable, just, beautiful State of Israel.

Tzaar Baalei Hayim
The Animal Mitzvah
Preventing unnecessary suffering of sentient beings.

V' ahavta l'Rayeha
The Love Mitzvah
Loving others as you could best love yourself.

The Money Mitzvah
Achieving an equitable distribution of your personal resources so your life is good and many can thrive.

The Memory Mitzvah
Transforming the pain of loss into the gift of times together, remembered.

The You Count Mitzvah
Having a network of caring friends and neighbors for whom you show up and who will show up for you.

The Community Pantry Mitzvah
Making sure everyone in your community has meals and a safe place to eat them.

Hevra kaddisha
The Burial Mitzvah
Ensuring respectful preparation of a soul's former body and seeing to its burial.

Lih,yote b'Simha Tamid
The Happiness Mitzvah
Living as though you are always at a simba, an especially happy occasion.

The Wakeup Call Mitzvah
Relationships amiss anywhere in your life? Let the shofar wake you up to make meaningful contact — now — don't wait another year!

The Nature Meditation Mitzvah
Tap together this fragile harvest home; gratefully hear the planet sing and sigh, build your inner life's circle-invite friends and neighbors to come by.

The Masked Mitzvah
MegiUah moments beckon us to remember that this life is just a mask. What's the hidden meaning? Esther's the one to ask.

Lo Tahmod
The Dangerous Desire Mitzvah
Noticing desire for others' possessions and practicing non-attachment to things.

The Promise Mitzvah
Taking care to honorably fulfill commitments you have made.

Neehum Aveylim
The Comforting Mitzvah
Supporting those in mourning through simply being present.

The Returning Mitzvah
Facing difficult or desired changes-within you, with others, with the land, with the Source of Life-so that wholeness and holiness can return.

The Eating Mitzvah
Paying attention to what you choose to eat and how it is grown, packed, and prepared.

The Time Mitzvah
Consciously ceasing work, worldly news, investing and spending for one full day at each week's end.

Gemillut Hassadim
The Selfless Mitzvah
Performing deeds of loving-kindness for others.

Aliyah l' Aretz
The Pilgrimage Mitzvah
Letting your soul lift you up to live in, to experience, Jerusalem and Israel.

Shmirat ha Guf
The Body Mitzvah
Caring for your body as the instrument that plays your life.

The Purification Mitzvah
Rebirthing yourself in living waters, the holy days, healing, and physical renewal.

Hannassat Ornim
The Hospitality Mitzvah
Hosting in your home and out in the world as though all people are your honored guests.

The Prayer of Your Heart Mitzvah
Daily prayer practices to nourish your soul stream.