"In the heart of the world the future is being written in the language of love. Our ability to read this language will determine whether we participate creatively in our own destiny and the destiny of the world or whether we are victims of fate, blindly reacting to the events that happen to us.

"All of creation is a manifestation of divine love; every atom spins on an axis of love, and every form from a butterfly to a bomb is an expression of a quality of love. Through our understanding of the primal language of how love manifests in creation, we can help to guide the world through the changes that are taking place; we can work with the ways He is revealing Himself to Himself.

"How we interact with life is crucial. Our relationship to life determines the way the patterns of events constellate around us. Our understanding of the changes taking place affects the nature of these changes, and helps determine whether they carry a quality of consciousness or remain in the cycle of unconsciousness. What is conscious can evolve at a higher frequency than what remains unconscious. In consciousness there are possibilities that do not exist at an unconscious level — for example, communication with each other and with God. If we can read the language of love, we can consciously participate in His unfolding creation.

"The language of love is how we interact with life. But we have forgotten how to read the signs of life and we have relegated the language of love to our images of romance and personal relationships. We need to return to the primal recognition that creation is an expression of divine love. Even in the times of suffering His love is being revealed.

"Many spiritual paths help us access love, particularly at times of suffering, and help us understand the language of love, the ways the Beloved is trying to speak to us. How we respond to the suffering in our individual life, whether we contract and close ourself off or open ourself to the meaning of the experience, determines whether we can access the love that is hidden within the experience. Spiritual paths point us beyond the plane of action and reaction to a deeper response to life. Through practices of loving-kindness we try to participate in life from the perspective of love, while the journey of individuation guides us beneath the surface of our suffering and our patterns of reaction to remain open to love and its ways of expression.

"But as a new vibration of love comes into being, the ways of love will change. The language of love will be written in a different way. Many images of meaning have been burned, destroyed, desecrated. The images and symbols, which help to sustain the world, will need to be recreated, and we can take part in their creation in ways that previously were not accessible. We can help write the book of life in ways that in the past have been known only by initiates. This is because we are being given access to the places between the worlds where the formless comes into form, where the images of creation are constellated. Once we know how to read the language of love, we can begin to understand the patterns of creation, the way His love comes into form."