"These days, our lives can feel so hectic and out of control, so lacking in hope and joy. And yet every day, opportunities to experience joy and create peace-filled lives come our way. We have within us the enormous potential to create peace.

"It's a matter of how we view the people and experiences in our lives. Being willing to see things differently is all that we need. Every time we respond to a situation with love rather than anger, or fear, or hatred, we take a step toward a more peaceful life, and each step creates its own momentum for positive change — small changes that ripple their way ever outward, influencing other people, other communities, and, ultimately, the world.

"That's right. Your decision to act from a place of love contributes to the well-being of humankind. No matter how crazy the rest of the world seems, we are neither helpless nor hopeless. And the power to effect peaceful change is as close as our next thought. We have within us all we need to do our part in making this a more peaceful world. I'm not just playing with words when I say, all we have is all we need.

"All we need is to shift our own perspective, and we can create the very miracles we seek. The world we see and experience is nothing more or less than a reflection of us, every one of us, and the way toward peace comes through such simple actions as responding with love to our spouse or child, behaving with courtesy toward the person sitting next to us in a meeting or on a bus, smiling at the person standing ahead of us in line at the grocery store. We offer nourishment to all of us every time we say a silent prayer for someone. It's all about what we send out from our hearts.”