"During our third conference at Karme Choling in Vermont, in May of 1986, we came up with additional points of agreement of a practical nature:

1. "Some examples of disciplined practice, common to us all:
a. Practice of compassion
b. Service to others
c. Practicing moral precepts and virtues
d. Training in meditation techniques and regularity of practice
e. Attention to diet and exercise
f. Fasting and abstinence
g. The use of music, chanting, and sacred symbols
h. Practice in awareness (recollection, mindfulness) and living in the present moment
i. Pilgrimage
j. Study of scriptural texts and scriptures

"And in some traditions:
k. Relationship with a qualified teacher
l. Repetition of sacred words
m. Observing periods of silence and solitude
n. Movement and dance
o. Formative community"

2. "It is essential to extend our formal practice of awareness into all the aspects of our life.

3. "Humility, gratitude, and a sense of humor are indispensable in the spiritual life.

4. "Prayer is communion with Ultimate Reality, whether it is regarded as personal, impersonal, or beyond them both.”