"To be capable of true intimacy and true vulnerability is to love. But what is love? It cannot be defined but merely circumscribed. Love is not a forced promise or a sentimental memento. Love grows out of intimacy. For love to be genuine it must become as vast as space and time itself.

"Love is not a noun. Rather it is to be loving, now and now and now. Love is not a thought, not even an intention. It is a state of being, which is always in a process of completion. Lovers are people who have stepped outside the angry world of kept and broken promises, of expectations and disappointments, of need and hurt.

"Lovers are people in whom the tree of the great Mystery comes to fruition, its fruit ripening as compassion and charity.

"When we love, feeling Life's pulse in the other is easy. When we love, giving of ourselves is natural. Love is the essence of participation. Unlove is exclusion in body and in mind. As love spreads its warm glow through and beyond our being, it pulls us out of all inertia and insularity. We become cosmopolitans. We taste our affinity with everyone and everything, and we delight in it.

"Love is truly blind. It contains no judgment, only unconditional affirmation of our own being and the being of others. In truth, love is so blind that it does not recognize any otherness. Its embrace is all-inclusive.”