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Green Yoga Georg Feuerstein and Brenda Feuerstein on changes that must be made based on reverence for all life forms.
A Little Book for Lovers Georg Feuerstein on the nature and true meaning of love.
Yoga Morality Georg Feuerstein on being committed to practicing yoga morality and living a transformative life.
Yoga Morality Challenges us to practice yoga morality or the virtues which are the foundation of reverence, interdependence, and service of others.
Holy Madness Cogent and erudite commentary on the crazy wisdom of modern-day gurus and the spiritual challenges they provide.
A Little Book for Lovers Links mystery, connections, and compassion to the essence of love.
Holy Madness
Green Yoga Outlines a philosophy and practice of Green Yoga.
The Deeper Dimension of Yoga A delineation of the meaning of spiritual recovery and transformation through Yoga.
The Deeper Dimension of Yoga Demonstrates in 78 essays the richness of this spiritual tradition.