"Here are a few ways to preserve our sacred and life-affirming ocean:

1. "In your place of worship, organize a youth outreach project to protect the sea, such as a beach cleanup, water-quality testing, or storm-drain stenciling.

2. "Hold a spiritual or commemorative service by the ocean or by a waterway that flows to the sea.

3. "Determine how your faith should guide you in taking actions for the coasts and ocean. Then discuss the role of water in your faith and how you and your congregation might better act to protect the world's waters.

4. "Invite a marine conservation biologist from a local university or ocean group to your place of worship to discuss the relationship between faith and science.

5. "Consider establishing an ecumenical project focused on the crisis faced by our world oceans.”

To Practice This Thought: Choose one of the suggested ideas above and make it happen, when possible with the support of your congregation.