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Animals and Christianity An anthology on Christian responses to animals through history revealing mostly indifference and domination theories.
Kent Nerburn in Small Graces The poetry of possibility beating in my heart
Greeting Others with Namaste Honoring the divine in others with this greeting.
Clothing Exchange A call to swap or donate your clothes and accessories.
Honoring Yourself and Others Focus on what is worthy.
Wisdom of the Elders Tallies up the spiritual values inherent in the attitudes and actions of indigenous peoples toward nature.
Body Work A compelling and imaginative work calling us to take seriously the Divine Presence within our bodies.
The Path Chet Raymo on what it takes to make our steps worthy of the landscape we walk on.
The Tapestry of Life Asking for reverence from God towards plants and animals.
Neale Donald Walsch in Meditations from Conversations With God There are no rotten apples