To display His eternal attributes
In their inexhaustible variety,
The Lord made the green fields of time and space.

— Jami

"The Lord has strewn little signs of his presence throughout the universe. The person who is observant will see these signs and know where God is to be found.

"There is a marvelous story about a man looking for the Buddha the way one follows the tracks of an animal in the jungle. He went around talking to people everywhere, and whenever he found a person whose life had been transformed he would exclaim: 'Those are the tracks of a really big elephant!'

"The men and women who have realized God leave big, unmistakable tracks. In a smaller way, when we see someone being extremely patient, someone who can listen quietly to criticism without retaliating or losing her temper, we might think, 'Aha! That's not my friend Jane; that is the Lord in Jane.' Jane is leaving a trail-broken twigs of patience, torn leaves of kindness — all subtle signs by which we can track the Lord's presence.

"Though the Lord is everywhere, the expression of his creativity varies throughout the infinite variety of the universe. Wherever perfection is approached, this glory is revealed a little more — among people, among trees, among mountains, among stars.”