" • We must learn to understand that Earth is the place for creating connections and relationships that can be continued after death. The meaning of the Earth is relationship.

" • We must learn to develop a moral disposition that acknowledges the unity and ultimate value of all human beings. This begins with developing an interest in and love for everyone we meet.

" • We must learn to cultivate a feeling of devotion and reverence.

" • We must always seek to unite with the presence of the ever-present universal spirit and thereby establish the common, spiritual ground that the living and the dead share. We must learn to develop 'inner quiet,' emptying ourselves and waiting for thoughts, feelings, and insights to arise from the soul's depths. This is the 'inward side.' Outwardly, we must begin to pay attention to chance encounters and synchronicities — to the events around us.

" • We must seek to acquire a sense of 'community,' or 'solidarity,' with all life and all that exists. We must realize that we are part of the world; we leave our mark on all that we encounter and remain connected with everything we come into contact with. We are part of the web of Earth; we can no longer live for ourselves alone.

" • We must learn to develop a sense of gratitude, a feeling of universal gratitude for all the experiences of life. We are given everything. Everything is a gift.

" • We must learn to develop 'trust in life.' Whatever happens, 'Life, you lift and bear me; you make certain that I move forward.' "