"The first step I learned about Minding the Light around us is to look. This sounds obvious, and probably is. Begin noticing the things around you. Look deeply at them. Look for textures, reflections, tones, and hues. Does the light smooth the thing you're looking at? Or highlight its surface variations? Is what you're looking at absorbing the light? Or reflecting it? Or both — like my denim-clad leg that is half in the sunlight coming through the window and half in the room's shadow? Are the colors muted or bright? What kind of mood does the light create? How does the light do things to the space you're in? My office changes throughout the day as the light moves through it. It's different in winter than summer. I notice some objects in my room more in winter than I do in summer, and vice versa, because the presence and presentation of light changes depending on the season. In summer the light streams through my windows at a higher angle and seems stronger than in winter. In winter, it shoots through at a lower angle and feels harsher than in summer. The shadows are more distinct. . . Look at your light. You can't observe all seasons in a day. Take time to look. Observe your surroundings. Cast your gaze on your furniture, the pictures, the knickknacks, and all the various objects around you. What do your notice? Why does this or that capture your eye?"