"Listen to your body's wisdom. Become aware of the sensations in your body, and you will know the whole cosmos, because the whole cosmos is experienced as sensations in your body. In reality, these sensations are the voice of spirit, which speaks to you at the finest level of feeling in your body. When you offer your body your deep listening, you will hear the voice of spirit, because your body is a biocomputer that is constantly plugged into the cosmic psyche. Your body has a computing ability that can instantly rake into account the infinity of details that create every event in your life. It has a win-win orientation, and it solves all problems at a more expansive level of awareness than the one in which the problems arose.

"The next time you need to make a decision, rather than trying to understand it intellectually, pay attention to the sensations of comfort or discomfort in your body, and go with your intuitive feelings. Intellectual understanding is all right, but it's not always the ultimate rest of whether you're making the right decision. Before making a choice, ask your body, How do you feel about this? If your body sends a signal of comfort and eagerness, proceed. If your body sends a signal of physical or emotional distress, watch out. When confronted with any situation, ask your body whether it feels comfortable or not. If the sensation in your body feels good when you do something, then that's the right decision. If there's an uncomfortable sensation in your body, then it's not the right thing to do.

"When you are out of harmony with universal rhythms, the signal that will come to you is a sense of discomfort, whether it's physical, mental, or emotional. When you are flowing in harmony with the universe, the signal that will come to you is a sense of comfort, ease, or joy. When you're relaxed and you're going with the flow of the universe, then from heartbeat to heartbeat there is something called variability, which is a natural variation that goes with the flexible nature of the universe. It's easy, it's flowing, and the autonomic nervous system dominates. But when you're stressed, when you have too much adrenaline, the heart beats like soldiers marching in step.

"The heart is not just a pump; it's an organ that feels and thinks. But unlike the rational mind, it feels and thinks intuitively and creatively with love, compassion, interconnectedness, and inseparability. Your heart beats because of something called a pacemaker. The pacemaker is not a single cell; it is one hundred cells firing at the same time, with the same frequency, to the same tune. Every cell has an electrical impulse, and one hundred cells have to fire coherently to create the pacemaker.

"The more flexibility and variability in your heart from beat to beat, the more you create a coherent electromagnetic field. When this happens, then the rest of the cells fall into that coherence, and you radiate a coherent field of electromagnetic energy, which is the aura. The aura is just the coherence or radiance of your heart. You radiate that energy field to the universe, and when that energy field is coherent, you align with the elements and forces of the universe. Once you join that flow, your every intention becomes aligned or in synch with the activity of the universe. This is very powerful because the activity of the universe is your own inner self that is coming from a much deeper level of existence. So if you have a 'heart's desire,' allow your intention to come from the depths of your being, where your soul is localizing as your heart. Put your attention on your heart, even momentarily, and if you feel love, compassion, peace, harmony, or laughter, this will create a coherent electromagnetic field. Then just let your impulses emerge from your heart, from the depths of your being, and the desire will orchestrate its own fulfillment."