Grace Happens

Grace happens when we explore the deep inner currents of belonging and realize the profound connection between our aspirations for life and the concrete requirements for living.

"Grace happens in possible and sometimes impossible ways.

"Grace happens when our mood shifts and we discover new people and projects in seemingly mysterious ways.

"Grace happens when we discover anew that life has its own trajectory and that we know deeply that we live in a universe where we are not in charge.

"Grace happens when we discover that life requires effort, effort in what often feels like effortless ways.

"Grace happens when we work hard, stay focused, yet realize the outcomes are far beyond our awareness, energies or control.

"Grace happens as a gift, a manifestation of an unfolding universe whose ultimate trajectory is always toward the good.

"Grace happens when life becomes embedded in mystery and surprise.

"Grace happens when we awaken to many questions and are willing to remain uncertain yet in pursuit of the quest.

"Grace happens when in our soul-searching we find a way to heal the wounds of childhood.

"Grace happens when science speaks to us and reveals its many patterns on our path.

"Grace happens when in the midst of our search we discover that place of hope where our secret longings lie.

"Grace happens when in our restlessness we discover colleagues in pursuit of justice who also long for a life of harmony, balance and peace.

"Grace happens when we discover at the threshold of unexplored frontiers a quantum realm wherein reside the secrets of what it means to be alive.

"Grace happens when we embark anew on a journey to celebrate fresh expressions of wisdom, to see each expression of creation as a unique manifestation of sacredness and new life.