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James Conlon A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of James Conlon, theologian of evolutionary faith and director of the Sophia for Culture and Spirituality in Oakland, Californi…
Being Present to a Locus of Violence A ritual for focusing attention on the pain of the people or the place where violence has occurred.
At the Edge of Our Longing James Conlon on grace happening when we realize the profound connection between our aspirations for life and the concrete requirements for living.
Sacred Butterflies: Poems, Prayers and Practices Poetry is the midwife of our sacred impulses
Sacred Butterflies: Poems, Prayers and Practices A mix of poem-prayers and spiritual practices for those celebrating the universe story
Beauty, Wonder and Belonging James Conlon on the mystery of one and the mystery of all.
Beauty, Wonder and Belonging An exciting and illuminating book of hours based on a deep appreciation the cosmos and its many mysteries and delights.
The Sacred Impulse James Conlon's poem Chilean Creed on the spiritual practice of hope.
Invisible Excursions James Conlon on why those who yearn for God are blessed.
Invisible Excursions A combination memoir and visionary probe of theology, ecology, evolution, wisdom, and justice.