"There was an artist who lived in a small city on the
edge of Europe. He often dreamed about Paris.
'How I would like to go there and live among all the
famous artists,' he thought.
One day Jesus dropped in. 'I'd like to take you with me
to Paris,' he said.
'Are you an artist, too?' the young man asked.
'To a certain extent, yes,' Jesus answered. 'There's
something I want to paint.'
'What do you want to paint?' the artist asked.
'I want to paint a picture of the unseen world that
exists right next to you. You'll see it if you just pay
attention,' Jesus answered.

"Poetry is submission to the truth that the world is a mystery to us.

"Dreams arise from the fact that reality is God's dreams, not mine.

"When dreams meet matter, an awakening occurs that you cannot blame on matter.”