"It is easy to want peace and love peace. It is easy to say, 'Leave me in peace', but are we prepared to struggle for peace, which would mean to enter into places of conflict in the family; in the community; wherever? And if we are prepared to enter into places of conflict, are we aware that we are vulnerable and can be hurt?

"We can talk about peace, world peace, but we must also talk about peace in our families. We must talk about peace with our children. We must talk about peace as man helps woman to become fully herself and woman helps man to become fully himself, as parents love children so much that they help them to become fully themselves. Not just to enter a group, or a tribe, but to become fully human in communion with God, that's what God wants, for 'the glory of God is people fully alive'. The Word became flesh to bring us together. To bring us together in family, where we truly love each other. Not just the men going off to the pub to drink Guinness and the women left all alone; not just the men looking at television and football, but men and women together, loving each other and being a sign of God for each other. If our families are places of love; if parents and children are helping each other to become fully human, to become fully alive, then peace will come in our land. Peace will come between cultures; peace will come in our world."