"Shamans aren't afraid to see that they are no better than any criminal behind bars, and that no one is any better than or superior to any other living creature, whether it is a rat, snake, or insect. Understanding where we really are in the grand scheme of things humbles us in a good way, and helps us give up any arrogant notion that we are capable of winning any battle, internal or external, on our own. In this coming to terms with our true situation, we are leveled. Consequently, our self-importance experiences a momentary death. Overcome by the data, it surrenders and says, 'I am nothing.' In this existential death, the shaman sincerely reaches out to a greater wisdom, a higher being, and begs for help. 'I surrender my soul to thee. Take me, make me, and shake me.' These are prayers of surrender and requests for transformation.

"This is when the biggest magic takes place. When we humble ourselves and ask for help with utmost sincerity, our whole being becomes a lightning rod, ready to be struck by rejuvenating lightning. This recovery is analogous to a doctor giving an electrical shock to someone whose heart has stopped beating. We can also be spiritually revived and set onto a new course of living.

"The 'death and resurrection show' (or ritual of rebirth) can happen over and over again. Each time we sit down on the bench to perform seiki jutsu, we surrender our dilemmas to the natural movements and allow them to revive us. When we allow the hands of a shaker to give us a shake, we surrender to a greater power outside (but including) ourselves. And when we go to a religious setting and throw ourselves before the Creator, we are orienting ourselves toward awakening the deepest transformation of our souls.

"Shaking medicine, and all art for that matter, should never be 'practiced.' If you practice playing music, you will sound like you are practicing when you perform. Always perform your art and your life. Life is not a rehearsal; it is the real thing. Whenever you hear people talk about their spiritual practice, say to yourself, 'I do not practice; I perform my life.' Shaking is a performance, and all the occasions that call it forth are living Life Force Theatres. They are creative settings for working the spirit and being played by the spirit."