"Serving the truth comes down simply to living life from the place of positive intentions. This may be counterintuitive; in fact, it may be the most radical stance one can take. It means rigorous honesty to self and others. It means doing the right thing even when everything and everyone in society is telling you to ignore, suppress, or abandon the path of nonviolence, understanding, and care.

"The truth is that violence is never the answer. There is no winner in violent conflict, only harm caused to both sides. The spiritual revolutionary practices nonviolence.

"The truth is that selfishness and greed never lead to happiness or contentment. Greed feeds discontent. The spiritual revolutionary practices generosity and service in the face of self-centeredness.

"The truth is that ignoring or denying the oppression and confusion in the world is part of the problem. If we're not part of the solution, we are the problem. The spiritual revolutionary is engaged with the world and responds to oppression with open eyes and a willingness to protect others and alleviate oppression. At times this response comes in the form of education; at other times, in the form of hands-on nonviolent action.

"The truth is that we are all grieving the losses of the past. Due to impermanence, everything is constantly dying. There is sorrow for the loss of all things. The spiritual revolutionary practices openness to the sorrow of existence, meeting change with understanding and pain with compassion.

"The truth is that pleasure is addictive. We are all addicted to it; we crave for life to be always pleasant and never painful. The spiritual revolutionary practices nonattachment, breaking the addiction to the mind and enjoying the pleasure of life as it comes and goes.

"The truth is that our suffering is optional. In life, pain and pleasure are a given, but we create suffering for ourselves through our clinging to pleasure and aversion to pain. The spiritual revolutionary practices radical acceptance, enjoying pleasure when it is present, accepting and caring about pain when it is present.

"The truth is that much of the difficulty and confusion in life is impersonal. The human mind and body are not naturally in harmony with impermanence; this disharmony is not personal, it is just the developed survival mechanism of our species. The spiritual revolutionary trains oneself to understand the impersonal reactive tendencies of the mind/body.

"The truth is that freedom is possible in each moment and in this very life.

"We have the ability to let go, to let be, and to respond with care and understanding to what is happening in each moment.

"So serve the truth."