"I have a friend who makes a prayer list for each week. On days that she goes for a spiritual run, she takes a small piece of cord and ties a number of knots in it, each knot corresponding to one of things she has to pray for. The cord is light, so it is no trouble to carry with her. As she runs, she holds one knot at a time and uses it as a reminder of what to pray for. The next time she goes for a run, she either reties the cord, adding or leaving off knots, or uses a fresh piece of cord.

Pace Band, Prayer Band

"If you have run a marathon or half-marathon, you know that a pace band is a slip of water-resistant paper you wear on your wrist during the race. It is printed with certain times correlated to each mile of the race to help you keep the pace to finish in your desired time. So if you wish to finish a marathon in four hours, your pace band will indicate that you should complete your first mile in 9:09 minutes, your second mile in 18:18 minutes, your third mile in 27:27 minutes, and so on. As you pass each mileage post, you can compare your actual time with the time printed on your pace band and adjust your pace accordingly.

"Recently, some marathon runners have adapted this idea and have made their pace band into a prayer band. Along with their pace time, they list people or things they want to pray for at each mile of the marathon. It is a constructive use of their time, and it also helps the time pass more quickly."