"What if we set out every morning with curiosity,
with the intention to notice
as many opportunities as possible?
Would it not be like reading the world
as a holy book — a Lectio Divina of sorts,
that ancient practice of spiritual reading?
Every day we could be pouring over
the unfolding of new and possible worlds.

"There are innumerable, small opportunities
to be helpful, attentive, or kind.
Taking up these opportunities,
would we not come to know that we are
a living part of the infinite story?

"But there are also countless oportunities to refrain
from harmful action: reactive annoyance, overdoing,
rushing, compulsive habits, spacing out,
and other myriad ways of not being present.
Could we slowly learn to live
the 'no' that is really a deeper 'yes?'

"And when excitement and fear are equally mingled,
could we realize that here and now something is present
that we must consider with all our being?

"Could we feel that our very own angel has arrived
at the doorstep? Could we open
and ask what love would encourage us to do?"