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Living Kindness Wisdom that can give life meaning and increase the blessings in our lives.
The Big Fix A lively Western in the Dashielle Hammet style.
The House on Carroll Street Probes the moral issues involved in recruiting former Nazis to secure America's scientific lead over the Russians in the Cold War.
The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum Makes a very strong case against yellow journalism.
House of Games A top-notch psychological thriller about sexual politics, trust, and betrayal.
Spiritual Questions for the Twenty-First Century Essays by twenty-five contributors on the eclectic works of this Benedictine sister and her socially engaged vision of Christianity.
The Bedroom Window Nifty entertainment full of twists and turns.
The Left Hand of God Michael Lerner on the joys and benefits of social responsibility.
Dead of Winter A thriller with just the right blend of gothic devices and visual panache that will appeal to fans of Sleuth and other movies in this genre.
Clean Slate A compelling offbeat morality play.