The Body's Romance with Eros

A spirituality of eros is especially concerned with the body,
"temple of the Holy Spirit."

Christians believe — on our more hopeful days —
that grace is a spiritual gift registered in our bodies.

We can come to trust the body's wisdom, the information and insights
harbored in our nerves and muscles.

Eros matures in our sensuality
as our body attunes us to the glories and dangers of our world.

Rhythms of bodily energy support our mood of calm concentration
while overwork and anxiety can compromise this calm,
leaving us "tired and wired."

We reflect on our "body image"
often ruled by an unholy tyranny.

The body has great symbolic power,
as ornamental, instrumental, and sacramental.

And pleasure can make us more richly present to our lives or
distract us from pain and sorrow that we need to face.