"Baptism is the vocation that we all share as Christians. . . . Yet, although we have the chance to renew the covenant of baptism time and again throughout our lives, I do not find a great deal of attention being paid to the preparation for that renewal. But for those of us baptized as infants, when we come to think about baptism in adulthood many of us may find that we can now enter into that experience much more fully and are able to appreciate its riches. Above all it presents us with a world of imagery and symbolism that fuels the imagination. It brings us a feast of glorious teaching from the early Fathers which feeds the mind. It is liturgy at its most magnificent with language that rejoices the heart. It can become a source of strength for our continuing Christian discipleship, and remind us of the many others whom we join to form the body of Christ and for whom this has been the crossing of a threshold opening up into a new and fuller life."