Meditation on Your Word

"If you are like me, you could make finding and embodying your word a whole new project, something to get right, something more to do. That won't work. You have to let your word find you. You have to listen for the ways in which it is calling to you and has been calling to you all your life. You can put yourself in the place of listening, but it may take awhile before you can silence your eagerness or anxiety enough to hear. On the other hand, what you are here to offer to the world may be the first word that popped into your consciousness when you first casually wondered about this idea. Of course, if you are like me, you will assume that anything that came so easily couldn't possibly be accurate and devote yourself to hours of sitting in meditation to make sure you have it right. Be gentle with yourself. The word you are here to embody has been whispered to you by the Beloved from the moment you entered this life. Just let yourself be, and you will hear it reverberate through your heart.

"And ask.

"Sit in a comfortable position and take three deep breaths, letting yourself settle into your position and come into the present moment fully with your breath. Let your shoulders drop and your weight sink down, being aware of the surface that supports you. Let the exhale gently release all tiredness and tension from your body. If any thoughts or feelings come during this time, allow them to simply slip away like pearls on silk, bringing your attention back to your breath.

"Be present. Be with your breath and your body and your surroundings. Keep most of your attention focused on each exhale, but do not try to block out the sounds or smells or sight of things around you. Just be.

"When you are ready, allow one thought to form. You may wish to make it a question: 'What is the word I am here to say for myself and my people?' You may wish to make it a request: 'Tell me the word I am here to embody for myself and the world.' Ask, and then wait without waiting. Listen without straining. If a word comes, sit with it, breathe it into your body, and see what truth it holds for you. Do you recognize it as a word you have found difficult to live, a word you have longed to know and embody, a word that pulls you toward waking up? Do not judge what comes, even if what comes is silence. Be with yourself, and let the word find you. You will recognize it when it does."