Something to Do (Practice)

"Purchase an old fashioned skeleton key. You can find them in antique stores or thrift shops all around the country. Keep it in your pocket, purse, briefcase, car, or on your desk. Wear it around your neck if you like.

"Why? It can be a reminder that we've been released from the prison of unforgiveness. We're set free and the only thing we need to do now is put one foot in front of the other and keep moving on and embracing all that life has to offer.

"Better yet, buy two skeleton keys. If you have been fortunate enough to watch a friend, parent, spouse, or child dance through the steps of forgiveness, give him or her one as a sign that they, too, are released and set free.

Something to Say (Prayer)

"Compassionate God, forgiveness is always going be a challenging dance, but I'm ready to put on my dancing shoes. Give me the wisdom to step back often and enter this place of prayer where I can be alone with you and reinforce my desire to stay on the forgiveness dance floor. Remind me that my relationships are more important than my own hurt and pride and though the dance is not easy, the end result will set me free.

"God, you have invited me to join in this dance of forgiveness. I don't have to remain standing outside in my anger and hurt. You are with me always, so I will do my best to forgive over and over again. I know this for sure: Life is too short and too precious to waste. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen."