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Harold Bloomfield in Spiritual Divorce Every day you don't forgive
Brenda Peterson in Singing to the Sound It is never too late to
I Hereby Forgive A forgiveness prayer to wipe the slate clean.
Forgive Them A daily meditation and prayer on forgiving our enemies.
Jesus' Curious Toughness About Forgiveness Exploration of following Jesus' example in relation to forgiveness.
The American Book of Dying Richard F. Groves and Henriett Anne Klauser on removing barriers to a dying person's spiritual well-being through forgiveness.
Christ's Passion, Our Passions Margaret Bullitt-Jonas's meditation on forgiveness in Jesus' words from the cross.
Jean Vanier Jean Vanier (in a book edited by Carolyn Whitney-Brown) on the principles underlying forgiveness.
The Forgiveness Solution Philip H. Friedman's imagery exercise, designed to spur the growth of forgiveness.
A Little Book of Forgiveness This spiritual practice can re-orchestrate our lives if we only let the music begin.