Security Is Within You

"We start anew. We start with the proposition that Life is for us when we work with It; that we shall experience love when we become loving; that faith transcends fear, and peace will rout confusion, just as good will overcome bad. And in this process of the greater overcoming the lesser, there is no conflict, no struggle or battle. There is only the fact that as we work at the level of causation, that level which transcends appearances and conditions, the effects are not violently changed but harmoniously transmuted into something else, that something else being a fuller expression of God's good. And in considering this remember that if God's nature was not good the universe would be divided against itself and would destroy itself.

"We now find ourselves in a position where we no longer need to let ourselves be buffeted about by conditions around us. Neither do we need to put on our battle uniforms and make valiant attempts to engage our enemy. Rather we take a non-resistant attitude toward our conditions. The battle we need to wage is an inward one. With our own thinking. We need to destroy not the appearance or condition but the old well-worn pathway of negative thinking which was the causative factor. We need not fight those things in our experience which bring us insecurity; we need to recognize that the only security that we can ever experience must of necessity arise from the security that we feel within us. And that security within us rests entirely on our conviction and belief that there is a Power greater than we are and that we can use It. We need a sound faith and conviction in the nature of Life Itself, in Its essential good and harmonious action.

"Basically, all that we have to do is to learn to get rid of our fears and doubts, to remove all confusion and bewilderment, until at last we arrive, either through intuition or through the due process of logical thinking, at a place where we can start out with the simple proposition that 'I am one with God, the infinite creative Intelligence, and am no longer conditioned or controlled by any external situation whatsoever.' This is where we start. This is the point of departure from being influenced by conditions to influencing conditions. Instead of being in the back seat of a runaway driverless car with endless hazards ahead, we now find ourselves in the driver's seat, calm, cool, deliberate; and with a knowledge of where we want to go and how we are going to get there, we proceed carefully to guide and direct our way along the highway of life."