Inviting Intuition I: Relaxed & Easy

"Intuition is not reached through the conscious or thinking mind, which locks onto intellect, logic, and analysis. It is seen with the inarticulate dream-mind, the subconscious or unconscious. Please note, I'm using the words not in the classical model of ego, id, and superego as defined by Sigmund Freud but in the loose sense of the artist's inventive mind: that part of the brain that we use when daydreaming, or sleeping, or weeding the garden mindlessly, or meditating, or absorbed in creating a painting, music, or other work of art.

"For intuition, you need the simplicity of the child-mind, the dreaming mind that tosses out images and information when you are asleep. I think it's important to encourage your children, therefore, to daydream, space out, go woolgathering. We don't need to fill every moment of their days with activities. Let them learn to be alone, and the same holds true for adults too.

"You need to be comfortable with silence and solitude. Learn to be quiet. Turn off the TV. Shut down the computer and video games. Befriend yourself. 'Go watch the grass grow,' as my mother used to say. 'Do nothing.' And you'll be amazed how much is revealed to you by merely opening yourself to your environment, observing with attention and without judgment.

"Allow yourself to dream. Your Higher Consciousness will point out where you ought to go."