"Allow yourself to slow down and rest for a minute. As you feel your weight settle on a chair or on the ground, let the weight of your soul rest back on the presence and love of God. Just be here. You might want to hear, in your imagination, the living God calling your name, repeated twice as with Moses and Paul (and others in the Bible too), inviting you to reply, 'Here I am.' It might help you to repeat those words for a while, in rhythm with each breath. Simply present yourself to the Rock, the River, the Light, the Wind, the Shepherd, the Greatest, the Shaper of Beauty, the Merciful One, the Unnameable One, the Presence. 'Here I am. Here you are. Here we are together.' Try this now.

"You may then want to let your here progress to who: 'Who are you? Who am I? Who are we together?' Try this now. Try letting the question give you permission to let your understanding and experience of G-d expand, transcend, and surpass your current understandings and boundaries.

Hold the space with here and who. And then, if it feels right, try working with the word home. Affirm that to be here with God is to be at home, wherever you are. That home base or home space is simultaneously your soul (your space, where God is welcome) and heaven (God's space, where you are welcome). The word open may also help you open yourself to God, and realize that God's embrace, God's front door, God's presence is also open to you, welcoming you. It may even help you to clench your fists, symbolizing how we are often tight and closed off to God's presence, bringing to mind the things that have had you uptight lately. Then you can gradually open them as you open your heart to God, and perhaps then You will be the most helpful simple word.

"From that quiet, simple beginning, see what happens. See what unfolds."