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How to Love Gordon Livingston on why people who like to plan and manifest a certain rigidity do not tolerate surprises or interruptions well.
Thomas Merton in A Year With Thomas Merton Others have their own way, I have mine.
Honor Differences Creating a partnership that accepts differences.
Thomas Moore in A Life at Work The idea that you can be more than one thing
Share Your Past Helping your partner understand your significant stories.
Release 2.0 Looks at the computer in the workplace, the Net as a playground of entrophy, Internet governance, and the issue of privacy.
Bearing Witness Opening to both painful and joyful events.
Many Ways to Nirvana The Dalai Lama on openness as one of the essential qualities in Buddhism.
Refine Your Friendships Seeing whether established relationships still support you.
Kabir Helminski in The Book of Language Wherever we turn our gaze