One Minute Meditation to Use Throughout the Day

"This is a short meditation you do with your eyes open, because we live mostly with our eyes open when we're not sleeping. Look around and feel yourself present in whatever room or space you're in. Then say to yourself silently as you breathe, 'May I meet this moment fully. May I meet it as a friend. May I meet this moment fully. May I meet it as a friend.' Try this for a moment. Keep your gaze open and relaxed. Breathe. I think this is really a synopsis of the meaning of mindfulness: 'May I be open to this moment fully; may I not be in contention with it.' I say this to myself a lot as I go about my life. I often say it as I sit down to meditate, as the beginning of my sitting meditation.

"You can do this meditation anytime, anywhere, sitting or standing. In this way, the whole of the day becomes an ongoing mindfulness practice. You can decide in each moment to meet that moment fully, as a friend. Do this as you stand in line at the supermarket. Do it on the bus. Do it while driving. I can even do it after being lost in a magazine on the bus. I make a point to look up and look around and look at all the people I don't know, and think, 'Somebody here may have just had bad news. Somebody here may have just had a bad diagnosis. Somebody here is worrying about something. Somebody here may be on their way to an exam.' I don't know specifically what the matter is with anybody, but everybody has troubles. Look at the people around you and say, 'May all these people be peaceful and happy.' These are the hidden meditations — wishing people well in line at the supermarket and on the bus — that count as transformative practice."