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Everyday Renunciation Practice Sylvia Boorstein on teaching the mind that every desire and every imperative passes.
Everyday Morality Practice A suggestion to practice living with noble character every day.
It's Easier Than You Think Sylvia Boorstein's teaching story about how our mind can use up a great deal of time and energy.
Spacious Acceptance A teaching story about tolerating unpleasantness with grace and appreciation on the way to embracing life with enthusiasm.
Happiness Is An Inside Job Sylvia Boorstein's story about stage fright and gratitude.
Do Your Day Like a Buddha A secret and inspiring "as if" exercise.
Solid Ground Sylvia Boorstein with a meditation on turning a whole day into mindfulness practices.
Practice to Create Peace in the Heart Story of how a Buddhist community recited the Refuges and the Precepts after 9/11 and instructions for this practice on the anniversary of that event.
Solid Ground Wisdom teachings from three Buddhists on coping in difficult times.
Happiness Is An Inside Job An exploration of the confluence of mindfulness, equanimity, wisdom, and happiness.