"Learning the skill of letting go is a lifetime practice. As you have discovered, there is no area of your life that is not affected negatively when you grasp and cling to the energy of life that occupies so many countless forms. The wisdom of knowing what you need to let go of, and when to let it go, lies patiently awaiting you as you open to it. That is the promise of the universe and it is waiting for a sign from you.

"1. Take some time today and do a mental and physical inventory.

• "You may discover that you need to let go of old memories and old possessions that are essentially telling the universe there is no room to receive anyone or anything new.

• "Perhaps you know the 'what' that needs to change, and now the 'when' is just waiting for you to make the first move.

• "Remember, the universe abhors a vacuum, but you have to open and let go before you can receive.

"2. The next time your need to control people, events, and circumstances pops up, ask yourself, 'Am I more I interested in trying to control the circumstances or having deep inner peace?'

• "Then take a deep breath . . . and let go. You'll be much happier, and so will those you have been trying to control.

"3. Ann Landers wrote, 'Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.' Today might be a good day to evict someone from your mind.

• "Are you willing to let them go? Perhaps, it's time to do some forgiveness work and be done with the toxic energy of resentment.

• "Remember, forgiving doesn't mean condoning past actions. It means setting yourself free to be an open and receptive vessel for joy today.

"4. Do you feel a calling to drop down below your stories that no longer serve you in a healthy way, so that you might be led back to the mystery and magic of here and now, where the peace that passes all understanding patiently awaits your return?

• "Can you identify your favorite story to tell right now?

• "If so, all you need is a piece of paper, a small box, a shovel, and a bit of dirt.

• "Write your story on the paper, bless it, place it in the box, and give it a fit burial. You'll be amazed at the freedom it will bring you."