"The shaman, a handsome middle-aged man with grey-streaked black hair, began by explaining how he had been called. 'I was twenty years old, when I saw the light. Blinded by light, flung to the ground by an invisible force, I lay unconscious, I don't know how long. When I awoke to a circle of anxious faces I could see their thoughts. The light showed me their bones, muscles, and organs, and their energy fields. And I could shine the light upon them and heal them! My mission began. I created the prayers of healing, of forgiveness, of peace-making.'

"His gift became known and he healed across the land. I sat among some two hundred in an auditorium. The shaman told his story in the rich tones of South Carolina, moving around the stage in his easy way, talking to the audience so each felt 'He's talking to me.'

"He said, 'Hands up, anyone with back pain!' and two-thirds raised their hands. I did not, although feeling twinges and sometimes real discomfort that I put down to posture or not doing Spinal Cord Breathing as often as I should. The shaman raised his hand and snapped his fingers. In the ensuing astonished silence the audience looked around at each other.

" 'Hands up, all those still with back pain!'

"Nobody moved.

"That small quiet miracle woke me up. Ten years later, my back has stayed free of pain, the only time it hurts being when I've sat too long in lotus."