"Before leaving for your workplace, even if just for a short period of time, discipline yourself to meditate, bless your day, and send out blessings to the world. On your way to taking the kids to school or performing other errands, surrender to what you encounter throughout the day by realizing it is all part of your spiritual practice — things like being patient with traffic and irritating drivers who also wish to arrive at their destination on time, long lines at the grocery state, and so on. Be willing to stop and assist someone by holding open a door, offering a smile. As you walk through the day's activities, instead of taking things and people for granted, be receptive to the hand of the grace easing the way for you through them. Place reminders of these practices on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, calendar, in your car, on your desk. Get creative. Include your family members and make it fun. Everyone will benefit and you will realize how even the most mundane activities are rich material to work with and contain their own magic."