Motion and Emotion

"See and live how without emotion there is no motion.

"See and feel your anger becoming the motion for whatever you want to realize.

"Feel and know how rage and despair are the forces moving the world.

"See and know how the regeneration of the world comes from these forces.

"See and feel yourself in a small sailboat under a storm and notice what you are doing to get out of it without great damage.

"See and know how if human beings are a large part of the problems causing the catastrophes of the planet, then human beings are the answer.

"Sense how you may be one of these beings.

"See yourself looking at flying, soaring, rising water that is more beautiful than any human being may be.

"Sense how under the sun you are more transparent and crystalline than this flying water.

"Sense how the poets or the artists are the ones most able to fix this one instant of beauty and magnificence.

"Feel and know we are separate from each other even if we want to be united to each other.

"Feel how love is the only cohesive element."