Twelve Ways to Practice Resurrection Now

"1. Refuse to identify with negative, blaming, antagonistic, or fearful thoughts (you cannot stop 'having' them).

"2. Apologize when you hurt another person or situation.

"3. Undo your mistakes by some positive action toward the offended person or situation.

"4. Do not indulge or believe your False Self — that which is concocted by your mind and society's expectations.

"5. Choose your True Self — your radical union with God — as often as possible throughout the day.

"6. Always seek to change yourself before trying to change others.

"7. Choose as much as possible to serve rather than be served.

"8. Whenever possible, seek the common good over your mere private good.

"9. Give preference to those in pain, excluded, or disabled in any way.

"10. Seek just systems and policies over mere charity.

"11. Make sure your medium is the same as your message.

"12. Never doubt that it is all about love in the end."